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mars 2022
Kervens Joseph Zamor

I am surprised by the mastery of what Stewart does, he has the gift of solving IT management problems. I am often impressed by the speed of his projects. I think he is a gifted person and a collaborator who has marked my professional life. Kervens Joseph ZamorOfficier Aftercare CFI , Consultant de Startup en […]

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mars 2022
Pamela Jolifils

Stewart est un professionnel très chevronné. Il est très ouvert aux suggestions de ses clients et sait comment faire placer ses points. Il a la capacité de comprendre les besoins de ses clients même quand ces derniers n’ont pas une parfaite connaissance de la technologie. Pamela JolifilsAuditeur Interne chez Chevron - Texaco

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mars 2022
Raydastepha Dimanche

Very interesting designer, thinks outside the box and not afraid of challenging concept. He pays attention to details and does not stop until the work speaks for itself. Raydastepha DimancheEnvironmental specialist II at Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County

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